FORMA is an idea manufacturing group within a Boston-based, 20+ year old architectural restoration firm, who, in their quest for higher quality and more realistic concrete and gypsum components began designing their own UHPC, GFRC and GFRG components through FORMA.

Their passion for going beyond what was available and their deep foundation in the arts led Forma to reinvent the science of casting and molding. They naturally branched out into urethane composites due to its ability to capture even the most intricate details, character, coloration and nuance. Urethane also offers a lighter and more easily fabricated material that is ideal for commercial spaces due to its ultra-durability, cleanliness and safety.

Forma industrial artisans create high-end urethane and concrete replications that are beyond anything on the market. Its replications provide commercial architects and designers with materials that exactly match the look, feel and overall design aesthetic for each of their projects.

Behind Forma is over a hundred years of design, fabrication, replication, restoration and construction experience in developing high-performance, composite materials for the most discerning architect and designer.