Infinitely flexible style


Brick panel with likens made from composite urethane

Anything you can imagine, we can build. Again, and again. For multiple installations. Each one an exact duplicate of the original. Every detail consistently repeated. Every nuance bringing the visual reality beyond question.

If you can imagine it, we can make it reality. Forma custom commercial replications are accurate to the original, aging, coloration, lichen and moss. Giving you the flexibility to bring the warmth of brick virtually anywhere.


 Any color, level of wear or antiquity possible... lichen and moss included!

 Lightweight replications...moss included

 Low maintenance, doesn’t produce dust when abraded

 Consistency in color for large production runs

 Flexible, able to bend to fit contoured surfaces

 Safe for commercial applications

 Available in light weight urethane composite, UHPC, GFRC or GFRG