Class A fire retardant high-impact foam bricks (0.94 PPSF) in Whitewash with painted logos. Fuel America, Worcester, MA

Our unique Class A fire retardant Vintage Pavers were molded using bricks recycled from a New Hampshire church built in the early 1700s. The bricks are virtually indistinguishable from the originals and are offered in durable interlocking high-impact foam panels that are simply installed using a PL adhesive. FORMA Beyond Pavers provide a maintenance and dust free surface that never again needs to be repointed.


 Exact replications that border on duplication.

 Doesn't absorb moisture (rot) or produce dust when abraded.

 Can be made flexible to conform to complex curved surfaces.

 Consistent in color, across all production lots.

 Available in ultra-light Class A fire rated high-impact urethane foam (0.94 PPSF at 3/4" thickness).

 Class A foam is made from 100% recycled materials and and at 0.94 PPSF is 25 times lighter than steel.

 Brick looks are available in 3/4" thicknesses.

 Interlocking panels (3' x 4') for ease of installation.

 FORMA can fabricate and efficiently install all materials they make.

 Supports interior and exterior applications.

 Can be easily repaired if damaged.

 10-year color-safe sealers.

Class A high-impact Vintage Pavers (0.94 PPSF) in Whitewash installed on reception wall at C-Port Credit Union, Portland, ME.

Class A high-impact Vintage Pavers (0.94 PPSF) in Whitewash with painted logos installed on upper walls at Fuel America coffee shop, Worcester MA. Also, Class A foam C-channels (0.34 PPF) with gusset plates and rivets are installed below bricks.