Giving inspiration solid form


Wave Wall made from gypsum

New life for an old reliable. It’s amazing what a little inspiration can do to enhance an ordinary material.

Forma breathes new life and spirit into the most basic of materials. We translate your vision into concrete ideas that spin the mind and engage and inspire all who pass by.


 Replications and hand carved, unreal creations

 Structures, walls floors, decorative components, etc.

 All the power and beauty without the weight and dust

 Durability with low maintenance

 Safe for commercial applications

 Available in light weight urethane composite,  UHPC, GFRC or GFRG


Forma ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) includes a proprietary cementitious mix that produces a very dense material with high compressive and flexural strengths along with abrasion resistance and color retention. Because of the tight bond between the ingredients in the mixture it can be used for intricate designs with ornate details and vivid coloration. The material also has a high degree of impermeability for excellent freeze/thaw resistance.


Forma offers a variety of glass fiber reinforced concrete mixes, each designed specifically to produce high-quality products within the desired installation guidelines. The materials all have high compression strengths, but are differentiated by their superior flexural and tension strengths that sets them apart from other manufacturers. Forma uses proprietary glass fibers that help improve fiber/concrete binding plus increase the transfer of shear stresses through the matrices.


Forma glass fiber reinforced Gypsum provides a high strength product ideal for intricate designs in interior applications. The material has high impact resistance, is fire rated and produces smooth, finely textured surfaces. It also provides a high level of design flexibility as it can be used on any size or shape surface to produce a lightweight structure.