Custom commercial architectural replications that are simply unreal


Steel barrel wall made of lightweight composite urethane

Our ultimate goal is to give you freedom from conventional design limitations and, most importantly, to fuel your imagination to transport you to places you’ve always wanted to explore.

Realize your commercial design vision with custom-made architectural replications that go beyond the ordinary. Regardless of material, our industrial artisans create replications that faithfully capture the essence, color and character of traditional materials, without the traditional drawbacks.

Creations are available in any of our material substrates including light weight urethane composites, high performance ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) with its high flexural and tensile strengths or high impact resistant glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG).

Bring us your commercial vision and we’ll take it beyond.

GRFC crown molding

Urethane Stellar panel

Bendable urethane wood/steel panel

Wavy wall in gloss black gypsum.

Bendable urethane brick panel with moss and likens

Urethane wood panel