GFRC countertop with embedded beer bottle caps and glass bits at the Sam Adams Taproom, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston


Any sort of concrete and stone look you can imagine, we can build. Again, and again. For multiple installations. Each one an exact duplicate of the original. Every detail consistently repeated. Every nuance bringing the visual reality beyond question.

If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality. FORMA custom commercial replications are accurate to the original, aging, coloration included. Giving you the flexibility to bring the cool temperatures of virtually any type of concrete look anywhere.


  •  Any color, level of wear or antiquity possible... lichen, moss and rust included.
  •  Interlocking panels up to 3' x 8' for ease of installation.
  •  Lightweight, easy and fast to install.
  •  Consistency in color for large production runs.
  •  Safe for commercial applications.
  • Concrete looks are available in UHPC, GFRC, sandstone, limestone, Micro Cotta and Class A high-impact urethane foam.
  • FORMA can fabricate and efficiently install all materials they make.
  • Support interior and exterior applications.
  • Can be easily repaired if damaged.
  • 10-year color-safe sealers.
Download Brochure
Download Brochure


Custom GFRC art piece - Four Seasons Sheraton Tiffany Pavilion, Norwood, MA.

Custom GFRC privacy planter walls. Harvard Street Condo, Cambridge, MA.

Fireplace, hearth, mantel and wine rack in GFRC. Hampton Falls, NH renovation.

GFRC countertop, Top Golf, Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Architectural structure, columns and beams in GFRC. Tiffany Pavilion, Norwood, MA

Crown molding in Brown Marble GFRC.

Kintsugi design in Lite Gray GFRC with Bronze Seams

GFRC countertop with embedded beer bottle caps and glass bits. Sam Adams Taproom, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston

GFRC countertop. Top Golf Foxwoods Resort Casino, CT

Wet cast stair treads with ground non-slip surfgace. FM Global, Norwood, MA

GFRC countertop Top Golf, Foxwoods Resort Casino, CT

Custom-made GFRC rakes, lintels, cornices, pilasters and capitals at the Cape Cod Mall in Hyannis, MA.