The look without the weight

Authentic cold rolled steel trusses, replicated in Class A fire retardant, high-impact urethane foam (at 105 pounds per 30' truss), complete with lite flake texture, gussets and rivets, Rival House, Grand Casino, Hinckley MN. Adding further realism, the 3-monitor media center is mounted directly to the 30' trusses.

Any look and less weight. Whether it’s iron, steel, pewter or titanium; plate, beams, pipes or channels; installation is beyond easy.

Our industrial artisans can hand cast materials with steely realism down to the last rivet, weld, hinge and gusset. Forma commercial replications are a fraction of the weight of the real thing, yet they stand up to years of real-world use and never rust.


 Replications of any type of metal with any color, surface texture, rust or patina.

 Beams, plates, channels, panels, decorative structures, etc.

 Lightweight for ease of transport, fabrication and assembly.

 Doesn’t rust or corrode.

 Epoxy Cold Cast™ panels are flexible, able to bend to contoured surfaces. (0.69 PPSF at 0.125" thickness)

 Class A foam is made from 100% recycled materials and and at 0.94 PPSF is 25 times lighter than steel.

 Metal looks are available in Epoxy Cold Cast™, Class A fire rated high-impact urethane foam, UHPC, GFRC and GFRG.

 C-channels are available in Class A high-impact Foam, Epoxy Cold Cast™ or GFRC. GFRC C-channels are 3.5 times lighter than steel and 14% lighter than aluminum, e.g. an 8" GFRC C-channel = 3 PPF, 12" C-channel = 5 PPF, 15" C-channel = 7 PPF, 18" = 12 PPF and 36" = 27 PPF. For comparison, an 8" Foam C-channel = 0.34 PPF and a 15" Foam C-channel = 1.4 PPF.

 Available in thicknesses of greater than or equal to  1/8" depending on depth of texture and size of panel.

 Interlocking panels up to 3' x 8' for ease of installation.

 FORMA can fabricate and efficiently install all materials they make.

 Supports interior and exterior applications.

 Can be easily repaired if damaged.

 10-year color-safe sealers. 


18" x 17' GFRC C-channels (<200 pounds) , 3.5 times lighter than steel, 14% liter than aluminum adorn the exterior of the latest Peloton shop. The Street, Chestnut Hills, MA.

Epoxy Cold Cast™ pocket doors in Heavy Flake with Silver.