Custom designed, seamless GFRG Stadium™ reception wall with molded returns at The Row Hotel at Assembly Row, Somerville, MA (Photo courtesy The Row at Assembly Row and JS Photography)

FORMA creates modern replications and hand-sculpted surfaces that are tomorrow’s trends. Mixing art with functionality in Class a fire retardant high-impact foam, ultra-high strength and glass fiber reinforced concretes and glass fiber reinforced gypsum.

Our Modern Looks naturally capture the eye of the creative. Focus the attention of the casual. Add drama to the ordinary. Create a sense of place for all who pass by. And reserve their prominence in the future.

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The Kintsugi (Japanese "golden joinery") inspired reception desk in Dark Gray GFRC with Bronze seams. Alloy Condominium, Assembly Row, Somerville, MA.

GFRG seamed Stadium reception wall. (Photo courtesy The Row at Assembly Row and JS Photography.)

Hand sculpted from GFRG, this gypsum "Egg Desk" will serve as the command station in the new Fenway Tower 2 reception lobby. Desk will include complete inner wooden casework all manufactured by FORMA Beyond.

Replicating the ocean in hand-sculpted, durable GFRG. FORMA Beyond SURF™ accurately captures the dynamics and color refraction qualities of real surf, challenging your senses and beckoning you to dive right in.

Hand sculpted GFRG disks bring the look and feel of outer space into The Andi South Bay Boston condo's community room. (Photo courtesy Cory Gans)

Custom GFRG ceiling cornice lights-up the residents' lobby at One Dalton St Boston. The new age material combines high strength and design flexibility with a classic look and feel.

Wavy™ GFRG panels in White creates seamless conference room wall.

Seamless Stadium™ GFRG reception wall in Black. (Photo courtesy The Row at Assembly Row and JS Photography.)

GFRG Stadium wall with matched returns. The Row Assembly Row, Somerville, MA

Hand sculpted GFRG disks bring the look and feel of outer space into The Andi South Bay Boston community room. (Photo courtesy Cory Gans)

FORMA Beyond large diameter, fluted GFRG columns in the lobby of the San Antonio Marriott.

Stellar™ panel in Dark Silver GFRG.

Wavy panel in Gloss Black GFRG.

Stadium™ in 16x16” panel in White GFRG.

Stadium™ 16x16” panel in Black GFRG.

Stellar 32x32"panel in White GFRG.


  •  Exact replications of any species, texture, character or color…nails and all.
  •  Theme walls, ceilings, etc.
  •  Doesn't absorb moisture (rot) or produce dust when abraded.
  •  Flexible to conform to complex curved surfaces.
  •  Consistent in color, across all production lots.
  •  Modern looks are available in ultra-light Class A fire rated high-impact resistant urethane foam, UHPC, GFRC, GFRG and Epoxy Cold Cast™.
  •  Class A foam is made from 100% recycled materials and at 0.94 PPSF is 25 times lighter than steel.
  •  Panels up to 3' x 8' for ease of installation,
  •  FORMA can fabricate and efficiently install all materials they make.
  •  Supports interior and exterior applications.
  •  Available in thicknesses of greater than or equal to  1/8" depending on depth of texture and size of panel.
  •  Can be easily repaired if damaged.
  •  10-year color-safe sealers.