Design without limits


Slate made from composite urethane

Nature’s finest and grandest art, improved. Adding almost weightless strength to your commercial designs. Flexibility without limits and practicality for all the right reasons. Allowing stone to placed exactly where you want it. In any size, shape, texture and color.

Our industrial artisans hand sculpt complex replications that expose the hidden character of the world’s simplest materials. Stone-cold beauty for use in the most unusual places for all to enjoy.


 Exact replication of any natural (or unnatural) stone…complete with lichen

 Lightweight with high strength to weight ratio

 Walls, floors, waterfalls, amusement parks, climbing walls, etc.

 All levels of duplication available from the real to the unreal

 Accuracy on coloration and texture of the most complex design

 Available in light weight urethane composite,  UHPC, GFRC or GFRG


Forma proprietary urethane composites are water resistant, lightweight, flexible and durable. The unique materials allow exact replication through their ability to accurately duplicate complex textures, character and color. They have high flex strengths and impact resistances that can be produced in thin cross sections, formed over contoured surfaces and provide long term, low maintenance life cycles in commercial wall, floor, ceiling and furniture (bars, beams, counter tops, etc.) applications.

Bottom row: Sculpture by Forma/Rock Sculptor artist Warren Ness

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