Natural look and feel, super performance


Bendable wood panel with steel bands and rivets made from composite urethane

Realisim that’s unreal. Every detail, subtle color and years of weathering are perfectly captured.

Forma can replicate the most subtle or coarsest of wood textures. Create exacting character, add the slightest nuance, patina or coloration to exactly match the most demanding design aesthetic.

Super light, super consistent, easy to fabricate and install, dust- and splinter-free, Forma offers advantages that go beyond the nature of wood for the most demanding commercial application.

Barnboard with nails made from urethane

Char wood made from urethane, Backyard fence with screws made from urethane


 Exact replications of any species, texture, character or color…nails and all

 Walls, ceilings, beams, furniture, decorative structures, etc.

 Doesn't splinter, absorb moisture (rot) or produce dust when abraded

 Flexible to conform to complex curved surfaces

 Consistent in color, across all production

 Available in urethane composite, UHPC, GFRC or GFRG

 Available in a variety of thicknesses for 1/8” depending on texture


Forma proprietary urethane composites are water resistant, lightweight, flexible and durable. The unique materials allow exact replication through their ability to accurately duplicate complex textures, character and color. They have high flex strengths and impact resistances so can be produced in thin cross sections, formed over contoured surfaces and provide long term, low maintenance life cycles in commercial wall, floor, ceiling and furniture (bars, beams, countertops, etc.) applications.