Natural look and feel, super performance

Class A fire retardant, high-impact urethane foam replicates highly textured oak sections designed to create a broad pattern of waves on the exterior wall of the Jenkinson's Aquarium, Point Pleasant, NJ. Photo: Osprey Perspectives

Realisim that’s unreal. Every detail, texture and subtle coloration perfectly captured.

Forma can replicate the most subtle or coarsest of wood textures. Create exacting character, add the slightest nuance, patina or coloration to exactly match the most demanding design aesthetic.

Supplied in super light, super consistent, easy to fabricate and install panels, dust and splinter-free, Forma offers advantages that go beyond the nature of wood for the most demanding commercial application.


 Exact replications of any species, texture, character or color…nails and all.

 Walls, ceilings, beams, furniture, decorative structures, etc.

 Doesn't splinter, absorb moisture (rot) or produce dust when abraded.

 Flexible to conform to complex curved surfaces.

 Consistent in color, across all production lots.

 Wood looks are available in ultra-light Class A fire rated high-impact urethane foam, Epoxy Cold Cast™, UHPC, GFRC and GFRG.

 Class A foam is made from 100% recycled materials and at 0.94 PPSF is 25 times lighter than steel.

 Woods looks are available in a variety of thicknesses greater than or equal to 1/8” depending on depth of texture.

 Interlocking panels up to 3' x 8' for ease of installation.

 FORMA can fabricate and efficiently install all materials they make.

 Supports interior and exterior applications.

 Can be easily repaired if damaged.

 10-year color-safe sealers.

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Class A high-impact foam Rough Sawn wall in Blend with authentic steel angle frame replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast. First Choice Loan Service Berkshire Bank, Middleton, MA.

Class A foam Hand Hewn Beams in Weathered with UL approved lighting systems, Backyard Brewery, Manchester, NH.

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Class A high-impact foam tongue and grooved Brushed Oak wall shown in Blend - Hyatt Centric Hotel, Boston.

Barnboard with Nails authentically replicated in Class A high-impact foam.

Bamboo in UHPC.

Hand Hewn 3 and 4-sided Class A fire rated, high-impact foam beams in Dark Brown with realistic hanger bracket with nuts replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast with a Smooth Black look.

Backyard fence with screws made from Class A high-impact foam.

End Grain in Pewter replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast.

Rough Sawn wall replicated in Class A high-impact foam in Blend with heavy flake steel angle frame, nuts and washers molded in light weight Epoxy Cold Cast. First Choice Loan Service Berkshire Bank, Middleton, MA.

Bordeaux 32x32” Class A fire rated foam panel, brushed in weathered.

3D in Char Wood panel replicated in Class A Fire Rated high-impact foam.

Brushed Class A high-impact 3-sided foam beam in Lite Brown with White.