As shown below, LEED certification is evaluated through eleven criteria; recycled content, made from renewable resources, resource efficiency, locally available, made from recycled materials, recyclable, durability, air quality, energy efficiency, water conversation, and affordability. With each criteria weighted due to its overall importance to preserving the environment.

FORMA qualifies in 9 of the 11 categories including the most important, energy efficiency, air quality and local availability to the New England market.

Green: LEED Performance

Industry LEED Requirements1 FORMA
Recycled content: No
Natural, plentiful or renewable: Plentiful
Resource efficient manufacturing


Yes, low energy manufacturing, no waste.
Locally available: Yes, FORMA products are manufactured <200miles from all New England installations
Salvaged, refurbished or


Reusable or recyclable: Yes
Durable: Yes
Indoor air quality: Yes, Low VOCs, no off-gassing post process
Energy efficiency: Yes
Water conservation: Yes
Affordability: Yes

1Courtesy: US Green Building Council