The vaulted foyer ceiling in this multi-story Commonwealth Ave, Boston residence is a replication of a 17th century stone church ceiling. Created in light weight, durable HDU with a custom alabaster paint finish. Concept: Eric Roseff Design, Contractor: CAFCO Construction Management


FORMA helps you realize your most complex architectural design vision with custom-molded functional artwork that goes beyond the ordinary. Our industrial artisans, product designers and makers can create anything from hand-sculpted feature walls and ceilings to free-form desks, ocean wave replications and Beyond.

There are no limits to the complexity of the shape we can create, only your imagination.

Our goal is to release you from conventional design limitations and, most importantly, fuel your imagination and transport you to places you’ve always wanted to explore.

The Materials We Use

Class A Fire Rated Composite Polyurea and MDF, HDU (high density urethane), GFRG (glass fiber reinforced gypsum), Epoxy Resin, Metal-infused Epoxy Cold Cast™

Justin Blanchard, FORMA Beyond Chief Designer and Director of Operations

Ocean Water Feature: From Concept to Installation

FORMA Beyond supplies complete concepts, designs and samples. Once the design is approved, we use a wide variety of composite materials that best suit the project's unique requirements. For this replicated ocean waves project, we employed our state-of-the-art 4-axis CNC and mold-making technologies, hand-sculpted GFRG and generously applied our expert coloring artistry.


Replicated ocean waves in hand-sculpted GFRG. Commission: Bower Boston. Concept: Planeta Design Group.

Bright brass chevron (100'x50') proscenium, replicated in ASTM E-84 and UL723 rated Class A fire retardant composite polyurea. MGM Music Hall at Fenway. Concept: DAIQ

Antique brass ceiling tiles, precisely replicated in light weight polyurea. A brilliant conjoining of an historic industrial look and feel within this super-high key modern space. Concept: Eric Roseff Designs

Custom molded, GFRG column wraps with integrated tables, bases and upper corbels, Don CeSar Maritana Grille. Concept and photo courtesy: Parker-Torres Design.

Hand-sculpted GFRG reception desk with left and right side-desks in a deep bronze replicated industrial metal finish, Foley Hoag. Concept: Elkus Manfredi (Photo courtesy: Mark Richey Woodwork).

Custom designed bath screen replicating 14th century hand carved lattice styles. Inspiration: Eric Roseff Designs

Dinosaur Egg Reception Desk, custom molded in GFRG. Concept: Planeta Design Group. Commissioned: Bower Boston.

Custom molded reception desk in translucent epoxy resin. Commission: Bower Boston. Concept: Planeta Design Group

Fiberglass molded historic ceiling medallion. Peterborough Townhouse. Concept: Catlin Architects.

Hand carved seamless GFRG reception feature wall. Concept: XSS Hotels. (Photo courtesy The Row at Assembly Row and JS Photography.)

Custom designed and molded geometric feature wall, Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner. Concept and photo courtesy: Parker-Torres Design

Outer top left corner section of bright brass proscenium ready to hoist into place, replicated in UL 723 and ASTM E-84 Class A polyurea, MGM Music Hall at Fenway. Photo courtesy: Archer.

Hand sculpted GFRG space portal disks, The Andi. Concept: Planeta Design Group. (Photo courtesy Cory Gans).

Heavy Flake rusted steel barrel vaulted ceiling replicated in Metal-infused Bronze Epoxy Cold Cast™, Slalom Consulting. Concept: Infinity Group.

Oil rubbed bronze corporate boardroom table, replicated in Metal-infused Epoxy Cold Cast™, NYC. Concept and photo courtesy: The New Traditionalists

Custom designed GFRG flower panels, installed throughout the Ritz Carlton Naples. Concept: Parker-Torres Design.

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