Bar Rustic Restaurant, Kingston, MA

Below counter steel C-channels and bar front kick plates replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast™.

Steel I-beam with UL approved lighting replicated in Class A fire retardant Engineered Wood Fibers.

Manhattan High Line replication includes steel I-beams replicated in light weight composite polymer, railroad ties in Engineered Wood Fibers™ and bridge arches in light weight sprayed GFRC.

Curved, steel barrel ceiling arc with heavy flake texture, banding and rivets replicated in polymer composite.

Steel I-beams replicated in ultra-light composite polymer and barrel ceilings with rivets and heavy flake texture replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast™.

Heavy Flake Steel I-beam covers with rivets replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast™.

Heavy flake, curved stove pipe with rivets and banding replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast™ serves as a shelf support.

Ancient nautical anchor, I-beam covers and C-channels with rivets precisely replicated in light weight Epoxy Cold Cast™.

Window frame steel I-beam covers with heavy flake texture and rivets replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast™.