We created this oil rubbed bronze board room table by CNC milling the wood base and molding aged and rusted real steel plates using our Cold Cast™ epoxy resin mixed with real bronze powder. This process allowed us to replicate a thin veneer of authentically colored and textured oil rubbed bronze within our molds with the flexibility to easily wrap around the curved wooden base. An authentic industrial look and feel without the weight.


Any look and less weight. Whether it’s iron, steel, pewter, copper or titanium; plates, beams, pipes or channels; installation is beyond easy.

Our industrial artisans can hand cast materials with steely realism down to the last rivet, weld, hinge and gusset. FORMA Beyond commercial replications are a fraction of the weight of the real thing, yet they stand up to years of real-world use and never rust.


  •  Replications of any type of metal, custom colors, surface textures, wear, antiquity and patina
  •  C-channels, I-beams, trusses, gussets, panels, feature walls, decorative structures, etc.
  •  Design concepts, custom samples, CAD, engineering, shop drawings, project management
  •  Lightweight for ease of transport, fabrication and assembly
  •  Doesn’t rust or corrode
  •  Made from Polyurea, Epoxy Cold Cast™, Class A fire-rated Engineered Wood Fibers™ or GFRC
  •  Custom commissioned artwork
  •  Epoxy Cold Cast and Polyurea panels are flexible, able to be installed over contoured surfaces
  •  GFRC elements are 3.5 times lighter than steel and 14% lighter than aluminum
  •  8" GFRC C-channel = 3 PPF, 12" C-channel = 5 PPF, 15" C-channel = 7 PPF, 18" = 12 PPF and 36" = 27 PPF
  •  Polyurea elements are 7 times lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminum
  •  8" Polyurea C-channel = 1.5 PPF, 12" C-channel = 2.7 PPF, 15" C-channel = 3.7 PPF, 18" = 6.4 PPF and 36" = 14.3 PPF
  •  Can be easily repaired on site if damaged
  • 10-year color-safe sealers

Heavy Flake with Silver steel panels replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast™ covering pocket doors

Light weight C-channels and gusset plates with rivets replicated in glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), 3.5 times lighter than steel, 14% liter than aluminum. Peloton shop, The Street, Chestnut Hills, MA.

I-beams made of lightweight Epoxy Cold Cast™, wood beams from epoxy resin and arches from lightweight GFRC, Bar Rustic, Kingston, MA.

Traditional ODOT Green steel bridge sections replicated in Class A fire retardant Engineered Wood Fibers, complete with rivets and years of hard earned rust.

Custom stove pipe with Heavy Flake texture and riveted banding and below-counter C-channels with rivets, replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast™, Bar Rustic, Kingston, MA.

Light weight C-channels replicated in GFRC provide the look of authentic steel. 4-times lighter than real steel for easy installation and provide long term, rust-free maintenance. Celtics and Bruins ProSHop, TD Garden, Boston, MA.

Authentic cold rolled steel trusses, replicated in super light weight Epoxy Cold Cast™ (at 105 pounds per 30' truss), complete with lite flake texture, gussets and rivets. Adding further realism, the 3-monitor media center is mounted directly to the 30' trusses. Rival House, Grand Casino, Hinckley MN.

Custom, vintage ceiling tins replicated in Epoxy Cold Cast™ installed in the mail room at the Moderna Framingham apartment complex. (Photo courtesy Planeta Design Group)

Epoxy Cold Cast™ I-beams and Lite Flake barrel wall with riveted banding, Bar Rustic, Kingston, MA.

18" GFRC C-channel canopy (12 pounds per foot), The Street at Chestnut Hill.

15" C-channels and gusset plates with rivets replicated in Class A fire retardant Engineered Wood Fiber, Fuel America, Worcester, MA

Rough sawn oak planks replicated in epoxy resin with a heavy flake angle iron framework complete with nuts and washers all replicated in light weight Epoxy Cold Cast™.

Barrel vaulted ceiling covered with Heavy Flake in Bronze steel panel replications made from lightweight Epoxy Cold Cast™ bring an air of industrial might to the Hartford, CT office.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) C-channels create an industrial look on the exterior of the Chipotle restaurant, Portsmouth, NH

Curved rusted steel barrel ceiling section with heavy flake texture and riveted banding replicated in light weight Epoxy Cold Cast™. Bar Rustic, Kingston, MA.

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