A hand carved, custom molded GFRG section, with entwined branches and leaves that wrap across the front surface and over the side returns. To be assembled, seamed and painted on site creating a 16' x 16' x 3' feature wall.


In addition to our primary mission of designing and manufacturing custom commercial architectural elements, surfaces, replications and restorations, FORMA Beyond designs and fabricates molds and forms for other manufacturers and OEMs. We offer 20+ years of mold and form making expertise, expansive materials science knowledge and the latest multi-axis, non-ferrous CNC technology. We provide full CAD design and modeling, in-house and on-site digital scanning,  CNC milling and fabrication. Our multi-axis CNC machine includes lathe capabilities allowing us to create even the most intricate geometries..

Our digital scanning system produces accurate CAD models and CNC tool paths directly from surfaces, parts, structures, assemblies, etc. when CAD data is not available. On-site scanning is especially important for historic replication projects when elements of a building can't be removed without damaging them and CAD data and/or drawings are not available.

If you already have a CAD model, we can import it directly into our Fusion 360 Design Suite to create the tool paths. If you don't yet have CAD data, we can create the CAD file from your inspiration images or drawings. Once the geometry is well defined we create molds and forms using a wide variety of materials including GFRG, GFRC, Polyurea, Fiberglass, Epoxy Resin, Concrete, Ceramics, Precast, etc. and can also do small production runs and assembly operations as required.



  • Mold and form design, CAD modeling, materials selection and manufacturing.
  • Molds and forms for Concrete (GFRC or Precast) and Gypsum (GFRG).
  • Also Composite Polyurea, Epoxy Resins, Ceramics, Sign Makers, etc.
  • Fusion 360 Design Suite and on-site digital scanning.
  • Creation of CAD models from inspiration images, drawings or scanned data.
  • Multi-axis CNC milling machine with lathe capabilities.
  • Exact replications that border on duplication.
  • Precise, historic replications and restorations.
  • Prototyping, one-offs, prove outs, short production runs.
  • Mold materials include EPS, PVC, rubber, HDU, MDF, fiberglass, wood, etc.


Historical medallions scanned, molded and replicated in fiberglass.

CNC-milling an EPS mold.

EPS mold for GFRC.

Creating a PVC mold for GFRC.

Inner foam and outer composite polyurea molds for GFRC fire pit.

Reception desk form sprayed in GFRG.

Historic medallions scanned, molded and replicated in Fiberglass.

EPS plug for GFRC molding.

Multi-axis CNC with lathe capabilities.

Composite Polyurea outer mold for GFRC fire pit.

PVC mold for GFRC.

CAD plug data created from inspiration images for GFRG wall panel mold.