Historic medallions precisely replicated in fiberglass from scanned CAD data used to create CNC milled molds. Peterborough Townhouse, Peterborough, NH

Modern Composites For Replication, Preservation and Historical Restoration

The use of composites in architectural and heritage restoration is quickly becoming commonplace. When utilizing composites, limitations in restoration and preservation are now a thing of the past.  FORMA Beyond combines powerful scanning devices, CAD systems and specialized CNC milling machines with over 20 yeas of mold making expertise and advanced materials knowledge, to create exact duplications of historic elements without having to remove the element from the building.

Whether you are looking to preserve and restore or duplicate an old-world form, our skill and process will serve you well.

At FORMA Beyond, our skilled industrial artisans can faithfully duplicate even the most complex ornamental forms, preserving every intricate detail and classic nuance.  Our CNC technology and molding processes assure historic replications are beyond authentic, consistently repeatable and of enduring quality.


  •  20+ years of expertise and knowledge in high-end industrial, commercial and historic mold making
  •  Full CAD, CNC and scanning capabilities
  •  In-house and on-the-job-site scanning produces full CAD files and CNC cutter paths
  •  Advanced materials knowledge and mold making technologies and processes
  •  Interior and exterior applications
  •  Available in fiberglass, polyurea, glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG), glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), limestone, brownstone, Micro Cotta

Historic restoration with cornices and dentals replicated in GFRC.

GFRG ceiling medallion replication.

GFRG ceiling medallion replication.

Historic cornices and dentals replicated in GFRC.

Historical columns and capitals replicated in glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).

GFRG medallions with light

GFRG capital replication.

Removing rubber molds post casting.

GFRC corner capital replication

Historic cornices replicated in GFRC with integral steel mounting frames.

GFRC column and capital replications

Historic medallions scanned and replicated in fiberglass from CNC milled molds.

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