Onsite Digital Scanning

hand held digital digital scanning scanner reverse engineering historic lintel replication

Our hand held digital scanner allows us to create full 3D CAD models and accurately manufacture replacement elements such as for this historic lintel. Whether you are looking to preserve, restore or replicate old-world forms, digital scanning produces the most accurate results.

FORMA provides complete onsite digital scanning capabilities to create replications of historical elements without having to remove the original from the structure. The hand-held digital scanner produces a full 3D CAD model and allows broken or missing details to be digitally added to complete the original shape. The model is then used to generate CNC cutter paths to cut the stone/granite or create molds for GFRC, GFRG or Composite Polyurea replications. This process saves time and money and produces a highly accurate replication of the original elements.

Worn, historic lintel prior to replacement. 34 Beacon St, Boston

Full 3D lintel CAD model shown on scanner laptop screen.

Blue surface shows high resolution of the lintel scan data.

Original historic insert before replacement, 540 Comm Ave, Boston

Insert mold plug CNC milled in HDU from scan data.

Section of replicated GFRC insert.

Final, full GFRC insert replication.

Digital scanning system.