The Row Hotel at Assembly Row, Somerville, MA
Designer: XSS Hotels
Architect/Contractor: Procon
Commissioned by: XSS Hotels

Marriott's latest flagship AC branded hotel, utilized the FORMA Beyond designed and manufactured GFRG reception wall as well as I-beam replications and stair risers and stringers. (Photos Courtesy The Row at Assembly Row and JS Photography.)

Bar Rustic Restaurant, Kingston, MA
Concept: Jim Cafarelli
Design: Whitlock Design Group

Bar Rustic is an upscale, urban-retro restaurant complete with the multi Emmy Award winning The Studio Kitchen. The restaurant uses FORMA Beyond composites throughout replicating some of America’s most famous iron bridge work. Not the least, Manhattan’s High Line, replicated high above the bar from composite resin and GFRC adding kinetic energy to the conversations and dining below.

Moderna Framingham
Design: Planeta Design Group
Developer/Contractor: Mill Creek Residential
Subcontractor: Woodcraft Group
Artist: Justin Blanchard

Custom ceiling tins, accurately replicated in light weight Epoxy Cold Cast™, complete with old world rust and wear, adorn the mail room in the Moderna apartment complex in Framingham, MA and provide easy maintenance.  (Photos courtesy Planeta Design Group)

315 Commonwealth Ave, Cambridge, MA
Design: Eric Roseff Designs
Contractor: CAFCO Construction Management

Foyer ceiling is a replication of a 17th century vaulted stone church ceiling and is replicated in HDU with alabaster finish.

315 Commonwealth Ave, Cambridge, MA
Design: Eric Roseff Designs
Contractor: CAFCO Construction Management

Antique brass ceiling tiles replicated in light weight polyurea.

Sam Adams Tap Room, Faneuil Marketplace, Boston, MA 
Architect: Bergmeyer Associates
Contractor: Wright Architectural Millwork
General Contractor: Gilbane Building Company

We created five glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) bar tops complete with embedded Sam Adams bottle caps and broken bottle bits.

121 High Street, Boston
Owner: Glanz Properties
General Contractor: BAY Contracting

FORMA designed and manufactured custom molds to replicate the complex details of the worn out cornices and dentals on this historic building. The new elements were made from GFRC with integrated steel frames used to securely fasten them to the building.

Gun Lake Casino, Wayland, MI
Architect: JCJ Architecture
General Contractor: Christman Constructors

Custom designed and molded GFRC fire benches and fire pit.

Alloy Condominium Kintsugi Reception Desk, Somerville, MA
Designer: Planeta Design Group
Millwork: Wright Architectural Millwork

We worked closely with the Planeta designers to create this custom Kintsugi inspired reception desk. Closely following the Japanese Kintsugi "golden joinery" art form, we molded, textured and colored a special blend of GFRC to closely replicate dark granite with a continuous labyrinth of bronze-filled cracks that are beyond imagination

Sanofi, Cambridge, MA
Architect: Perkins & Will
Mill- and Casework: Legere Group
Commissioned by: Sanofi

The GFRC Reception and Stationary Desks, Planter and Bench, in the expansive grand lobby, were created in concert with Perkins & Will and the Legere Group.

Slalom, Hartford, CT 
Architect/Design: Infinity Group

Curved steel ceiling panels and trim, in Heavy Flake with Bronze, replicated in feather light Epoxy Cold Cast™ bring an authentic old-world industrial might to this modern office space.

Home Renovation Hampton Falls, NH
Designer: Lisa Teague
Contractor: Star Island Builders

Replicated heavy flake steel panels replicated in light weight silver Epoxy Cold Cast™ and applied over pocket doors.

Christ the King Parish Renovation, Concord, NH
Architect: Warren Street Architects
Contractor: JS Spain Commercial Services

FORMA Beyond custom-molded the glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) cornices that grace the renovated vestibule on the historic Christ the King Parish.

On Site Digital Scanning, 3D CAD Model Building

FORMA provides complete onsite digital scanning capabilities to create replications of historical elements without having to remove the original from the structure. The hand-held digital scanner produces a full 3D CAD model used to generate CNC cutter paths to cut the stone/granite or create molds for GFRC, GFRG or Composite Polyurea replications.

Bridgewater Academy, Bridgewater, MA
Contractor: M. O'Connor
Architect: Tappé Architects
Preservation Consultant: JMBA Architects

FORMA Beyond replicated the exterior columns and capitals in GFRC and interior ceiling medallions in GFRG in this 1868 Italianate- and Georgian-Revival-styled Academy that now serves as the town hall.

Peterborough Townhouse Historical Replication
Architect: Catlin Architecture

Peterborough's historic Townhouse was built in 1918 and as part of a restoration program, FORMA Beyond created replications of the original plaster ceiling medallions in fiberglass complete with new electrical system and lighting fixtures.

The Elmwood Senior Apartments, St Louis Park, MN
Architect: DJR Architecture
General Contractor: Stonebridge Construction

Straight and curved 36" steel C-channels, replicated in high-strength, light-weight composite, installed around the complete periphery (950') of the upper first floor.

The Street, Chestnut Hill, MA
Architect: BKA Architects
Developer/Contractor: WS Development

Three new storefronts incorporate FORMA Beyond light weight 15" and 18" steel C-channel replications that are up to 7-times lighter than real steel.

Stamford Media, Stamford, CT
Architect: CPG Architects
Contractor: A Pappajohn Company

We supplied both 24" steel I-beam and C-channel replications for this corporate lobby space providing an industrial look and feel, light weight for easy installation and years of maintenance-fee no rust elements.

Chipotle, Portsmouth, NH
Architect: JD Lagrasse and Associates
Contractor: Haynes Group

Accurately replicated 12" C-channels are 7-times lighter than real steel and create an industrial look on the exterior of the Chipotle restaurant, Portsmouth, NH

Celtics and Bruins ProShop, Boston, MA
Architect: Bergmeyer Associates
Contractor: Shawmut Design and Construction

FORMA Beyond 12", 16", 20", 22", 24" and 28" replicated steel C-channels grace the new Celtics and Bruins ProShop in the historic TD Gardens, Boston, MA. They include replicated nuts and washers and are up to 7-times lighter than real steel. This allows for a simple installation and provide long term, rust-free maintenance.

Fuel America, 100 Front Street, Worcester, MA
Architect: Prellwitz Chilinski Associates
Contractor: GVW, Inc.

FORMA Beyond replicated steel C-channels, gusset plates and rivets from light weight composite polymer to add Worcester's industrial feel to this hip coffee shop.

Tiffany Pavilion at the Four Seasons Sheraton, Norwood, MA
Architect/Developer: Hobbs Brook

Hidden just off the busy byways of upscale Norwood, this unique art space was completely designed, manufactured and installed by FORMA Beyond using GFRC and local stones. The pavilion is super friendly and inviting for large groups, offers numerous smaller settings for more intimate get-togethers and built to last for generations.

The Rival House Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN
Architect: Cuningham Group Architecture
Contractor: PCL Construction

FORMA Beyond designed and replicated these cold rolled and welded steel truss sections complete with an authentic rusted texture, gussets and rivets in Epoxy Cold Cast™. The 30 foot, 105 pound trusses fully support the 3-monitor media center.

Don CeSar Maritana Grille, St Petersburg, FL 
Architects: Design One Architecture
Design: Parker Torres 

General Contractor: PCL Construction

Custom glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) fluted column warps complete with bases, upper corbels and integrated tables.

One Dalton Street, Boston, MA
Architect: Cambridge Seven
Contractor: Shawmut
Subcontractor: Component Assembly Systems

FORMA Beyond manufactured custom GFRG ceiling cornices, light coves and columns for this project in the heart of Boston. The new-age material brings added strength, durability and design flexibility to the classic look and feel.

Marriott San Antonio, TX
Designer: Parker Torres
Contractor: PWI Construction

FORMA Beyond manufactured several large diameter GFRG columns for the Marriott San Antonio lobby. The material provides the elegant classic look and feel of plaster, but with significantly higher strength and durability along with increased flexibility in design possibilities.

Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites, Seaport, Boston
Concept: Group One
Commissioned by: Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites by Hilton

FORMA Beyond custom designed and manufactured a pair of UL certified I-beam/rope lights for the restaurant ceiling in the hotel's lobby. The light weight I-beams were replicated from Engineered Wood Fiber™ and were wrapped with heavy duty nautical rope.

Coke-Cola Bottle Wall
Concept: Stibler Associates
Commission: Coke-Cola Beverages Northeast, Inc.
Contractor: PIDCOR, Inc.
Design: Justin Blanchard FORMA Beyond

Coke Bottle wall CNC-milled from rift white oak MDF, highlights the super-cool meeting room of Coke-Cola Beverages Northeast, Inc. Bedford, NH

Railway Cargo Car Replication
Concept: Stibler Associates
Design: Justin Blanchard/FORMA Beyond
Commissioned by: Wheelabrator Technologies

Railway cargo car replication includes wheels, suspension units, rail clamps and spikes created in Composite Polyurea, rail in High Density Urethane (HDU) and cargo body in Engineered Wood Fiber™.


The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FL
Concept: Parker Torres
Commissioned by Benjamin West
Millwork Contractor: BermanFalk
Artist: Justin Blanchard/FORMA Beyond

The custom floral design in the hotel room feature wall was developed in our CAD system starting from a Parker Torres concept and sketch and commissioned by Benjamin West.  From the CAD file we CNC milled a plug from HDU, created a rubber mold from the plug, cast the GFRG panel from the mold and hand painted it.

The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner
Concept: Parker-Torres Design
Commissioned by The Ritz-Carlton
General Contractor: HITT Contracting

This sparkling geometric design, based on a Parker-Torres Design concept and molded in GFRG, swirls the eye while drawing it into an array of infinitely deep vortexes.

MGM Music Hall at Fenway, Boston, MA
Concept: DAIQ Architects
General Contractor: Wright Millwork
General Contractor: Gilbane Building Company
Owners: MGM, Red Sox, Live Nation

Brass chevron proscenium, original approved sample, replicated in ASTM E-84 and UL723 rated Class A fire retardant composite polyurea.

Foley Hoag
Concept: Elkus Manfredi
Millwork Contractor: Mark Richey
Design: Justin Blanchard/FORMA Beyond
Paint: Masterworks Custom Paint and Body

The custom reception desk ensemble was hand sculpted in GFRG and finished with an high strength industrial coating to replicate the look and feel of real bronze.

Translucent Reception Desk, Boston, MA
Commission: Bower Boston
Concept: Planeta Design Group
Artist: Justin Blanchard/FORMA Beyond

We CNC-milled a series of molds to create the swooping lines and surfaces of this other worldly reception desk and filled them with our custom tinted translucent green/blue Epoxy Resin.

Bower Boston, MA
Design: Planeta Design Group
Commission: Bower Boston
Artist: Justin Blanchard/FORMA Beyond
Architect: TAT
Contractor: JMA
Paint: Masterworks Custom Paint and Body

At the direction of Planeta Design Group, FORMA Beyond hand sculpted a GFRG "Dinasaur Egg" desk that will serve as the reception desk for the Fenway Tower 2 lobby. Helping greet visitors with a resounding wave of future modernity.

Bower Boston, MA
Design: Planeta Design Group
Commission: Bower Boston
Artist: Justin Blanchard/FORMA Beyond
Architect: TAT
Contractor: JMA
Paint: Masterworks Custom Paint and Body

FORMA Beyond hand sculpted this custom GFRG Impluvium where occupants can meet with their friends while relaxing by the ocean.