Rival House

The look without the weight...beyond imagination. FORMA Beyond 30' replications of cold rolled and welded steel trusses created from light weight (105 pounds per 30' truss) Epoxy Cold Cast™. Strong enough to support the 3-monitor media center.

It all started with this custom truss sample created for the architect and builder.

Rival House replicated steel trusses in light weight Epoxy Cold Cast. Photo courtesy PCL Construction

Below the FORMA Beyond custom trusses, replicated with Epoxy Cold Cast, are 4 lanes of a new form of bowling called HyperBowling. It's a blend of bowling and gaming...with no more gutter balls, for players of all skill levels. Photo Courtesy: Rival House Grand Casino

Steel trusses, replicated from light weight, Epoxy Cold Cast at 105 pounds per 30' length and strong enough to support the bank of video monitors. Photo Courtesy: Rival House, Grand Casino, Hinkley, MN