Rival House

The look without the weight...beyond imagination. FORMA Beyond 30' replications of cold rolled and welded steel trusses created from light weight (105 pounds per 30' truss) Epoxy Cold Cast™. Strong enough to support the 6-monitor media center. Photos courtesy PLC Construction and Rival House, Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN.


The process of creating the trusses for the Rival House stated with the Cuningham Group's architect's concept and the designer's vision. We created CAD renderings of the trusses from which, once approved, we made a sample of the primary truss joint from Epoxy Cold Cast™ molded from real steel plates with heavy flaked rusted surfaces. With the sample approved, we created all of the individual truss elements from Cold Cast and the underlying structure from aluminum channels. The trusses were made in 10' lengths for ease of shipping and assembly. We also created an installation guide and video for the GC who did the installation.

Rival House initial inspiration image.

CAD rendering of trusses with aluminum support structure

CAD rendering with read view of video screens

CAD rendering with front view of video screens

Mounting points to wall.

Sample truss joint rendering side view

Sample truss joint rendering end view

Cold Cast truss joint sample

Truss assembly number 1

Truss assembly number 3

Truss assembly number 15

Truss assembly complete with aluminum mounting structure

Shipping of the trusses

Rival House Installation Guide

Nearly done.

Opening Day at The Rival House