The hand-sculpted water installation was created to authentically produce the ultra-realistic color, feel and dynamics of real ocean waves. The concept, called Impluvium, originated at the Planeta Design Group and was commissioned by Bower Boston.
The combination of the organic hand-sculpted details and the paint helps accurately replicate the unique refractive coloration properties found in real ocean waves by producing a rainbow array of colors depending on the type and angle of the light source.
The custom acrylic paint, a combination of House of Kolor Kandy Pearls, was formulated and applied by Masterworks Custom Paint and Body.
Photos of the final Impluvium installation at Bower Boston, along with the process to create it, are shown below.


The process of creating SURF™, the Bower commissioned ocean wave installation, represents how we approach free-form sculptures. Although each new project follows a different path in terms of process and materials, our uncompromising artistry remains consistent throughout.
The process and sculptor, Justin Blanchard, are shown below.