FORMA Beyond is a design-assist specialty manufacturer who creates unreal replications and custom surfaces. Our artists make one-of-a-kind, high performance alternatives for architects and interior designers who want to convert their wildest ideas into reality while meeting the budget of the owner. Our creations focus the attention of the casual observer add drama to the ordinary and create a sense of place for all who pass by. Shown above is our seamless Wavy™ wall created from hand carved gypsum panels (32" x 32").

FORMA creates replications and hand sculpted custom surfaces beyond imagination. Faithfully duplicating the most ornamental form. Preserving every intricate detail and nuance. Accurately restoring prominence to the forgotten.

We represent over 20 years of expertise in high-end industrial, commercial and historic projects, and offer everything necessary for a successful restoration – from ideas to design to installation. With expertise in materials for interior and exterior applications including Class A high density urethane, GFRC, GFRG, UHPC, Micro Cotta and cast stone mix.

FORMA historical restorations satisfy even the most exacting restoration requirements.

FORMA creates ultra-accurate replications and hand sculpted surfaces beyond your imagination. Mixing high art with real world functionality. Using a wide variety of materials including Class A fire rated high density urethane, FRP, ultra high performance and glass fiber reinforced concrete and glass fiber reinforced gypsum. To draw in the casual and provide them a vivid memory of where they were.

Shown in photo: FORMA rough-sawn and hand-hewn Class A fire rated wood replications used on all surfaces of the bar, back walls, beams and fence at the Back Yard Brewery, Manchester, NH

FORMA creates ultra-accurate replications and hand-sculpted surfaces beyond imagination. Allowing architects and designers complete creative freedom and infinite design options. Transforming the ordinary into inspiring places to work and live.

In photo: FORMA custom I-beam, channel (over windows) and wood replications in Class A fire rated high density urethane. FORMA Stellar wall panel in gypsum shown on office wall.

Ancient to the Future

FORMA creates ultra-accurate replications and hand-sculpted surfaces beyond imagination. Mixing high art with functionality in urethane, concrete and gypsum. Focusing the attention of the casual. Adding drama to the ordinary. Creating a sense of place for all who pass by.

As shown below, LEED certification is evaluated through eleven criteria; recycled content, made from renewable resources, resource efficiency, locally available, made from recycled materials, recyclable, durability, air quality, energy efficiency, water conversation, and affordability. With each criteria weighted due to its overall importance to preserving the environment.

FORMA qualifies in 9 of the 11 categories including the most important, energy efficiency, air quality and local availability to the New England market.

Green: LEED Performance

Industry LEED Requirements1 FORMA
Recycled content: No
Natural, plentiful or renewable: Plentiful
Resource efficient manufacturing


Yes, low energy manufacturing, no waste.
Locally available: Yes, FORMA products are manufactured <200miles from all New England installations
Salvaged, refurbished or


Reusable or recyclable: Yes
Durable: Yes
Indoor air quality: Yes, Low VOCs, no off-gassing post process
Energy efficiency: Yes
Water conservation: Yes
Affordability: Yes

1Courtesy: US Green Building Council

Its industrial artisans create accurate replications of any surface that are beyond imagination and allow architects and designers complete freedom and unlimited design options. They also provide a higher level of performance and durability, ease of fabrication and installation and consistency across production lots.