FORMA specializes in light weight, functional art: 3D FORMS, Architectural Elements, Industrial Replications and Historical Restorations.

We work in close collaboration with the most progressive architects and designers in the industry to make handmade, one-of-a-kind art that helps transform their unique inspirational visions and dreams into vivid 3D reality.

We accomplish this through our unique state-of-the-art CNC and mold making technologies and firm understanding, and years of experience, in advanced materials science. We work with a wide variety of materials allowing us to best suit the particulars of each project. Each material offers a combination of high strength, low weight and a long life of maintenance-free performance. We also finish each creation with super-durable, colorfast industrial-strength paints, stains, sealers and colorations.

We also provide a variety of ASTM E-84 Class A, rated fire retardant materials including MDF and composite polyurea that is also rated UL723 Class A.


Hand sculpted water feature replicating the dynamics and unique refractive coloration properties of real ocean waves. Commission: Bower Boston. Concept: Planeta Design Group

Foyer ceiling is a replication of a 17th century vaulted stone church ceiling with an alabaster finish. Concept: Eric Roseff Design, Contractor: CAFCO Construction Management

Large diameter, oval fluted columns with integrated tables, Don CeSar Maritana Grille. Concept and photo Parker-Torres Design.

Light weight vintage ceiling tin replications bring an old world feel, complete with years of rust and wear, to the mail room in the Moderna Framingham apartment complex mail room. Concept and photo Planeta Design Group.

Hand-sculpted dinosaur egg reception desk. Commission: Bower Boston Concept:  Planeta Design Group.

Replicated aged brass dragon scale ceiling, giant hammered brass door handles and antique light dome, installed in the Golden Dragon restaurant, Foxwoods Resort and Casino. Inspiration: ZDS Architecture and Interior Design

Complete replicated 2-story 40' maple tree, Your Third Spot, Atlanta. Concept: Whitlock Design Group. (Photo courtesy: Your Third Spot)

Replicated oil rubbed bronze curved conference table. An authentic industrial look and feel without the weight or rust, New York City. Concept: The New Traditionalists

Outer section of the upper left proscenium corner ready to hoist into place at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway. Photo courtesy: Archer.

Custom designed and molded flower panels (left) installed in all of the renovated hotel rooms at the Ritz Carlton Naples Hotel. Concept: Parker Torres Design.

Custom, hand-sculpted, 3-module reception desk finished with a high strength automotive paint and sealer to replicate the look and temperature of real bronze. Concept: Elkus Manfredi, Commission: Foley Hoag. (Photo courtesy Mark Richey Woodworking and Design)


Replicated railway wheels, suspension unit, rail, ties and spikes. Concept: Stibler, Commission: Wheelabrator Technologies, Portsmouth, NH.

Light weight replicated 15" steel C-channels and gusset plates, complete with rivets, installed at Fuel America coffee shop, Worcester, MA. Concept: Prellwitz Chilinski Associates.

Stadium™ reception wall. Concept: XSS Hotels (Photo courtesy The Row at Assembly Row and JS Photography.)

Custom-molded cornices grace the new vestibule at the Christ the King Parish, Concord, NH. Contractor: JS Spain.

With an accurate nod to the famous New York City High Line, FORMA light weight replicated I-beams with bands and rivets, railway ties and bridge arches, Bar Rustic, Kingston, MA. Concept: CAFCO.

Custom molded translucent reception desk. Commission: Bower Boston Concept: Planeta Design Group


Kintsugi (golden joinery) concierge's desk edges replicated with a continuous labyrinth of bronze-filled cracks. Alloy Condominium, Assembly Row, Somerville, MA. Concept: Planeta Design Group.

Light weight replicated rusted steel panels wrapped around the front of the Hartford Steam Boiler reception desk, provide the authentic look and feel of real steel without the weight.

Custom railway cargo car replication includes cargo body, wheels, suspension units, rail, rail clamps and spikes. Concept: Stibler Associates, Commission: Wheelabrator Technologies, Portsmouth, NH.

Replicated historical columns and capitals. Bridgewater Academy, Bridgewater, MA. Concept: Tappé Architects

Historical medallion replications, Bridgewater Town Hall. Concept: Tappé Architects

CNC milled Coke bottle wall. Concept: Stibler Associates. Commission: Coke-Cola Beverages Northeast, Inc. Bedford, NH

Light weight replicated 12" steel C-channels create an industrial look on the exterior of the Chipotle restaurant. Concept: JD Lagrasse and Associates. Portsmouth, NH

Historic medallion replications, with UL approved lighting system, created through scanning and custom made CNC-milled molds, Peterborough Townhouse. Concept: Catlin Architecture

Authentic cold rolled and welded 30' steel truss replications, complete with lite flake texture, gussets and rivets. Concept: Cuningham Group (Photo courtesy: Rival House, Grand Casino, Hinckley MN)

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