Steel I-beam replications created from Epoxy Cold Cast™, wood railroad tie replications from Class A fire retardant Engineered Wood Fibers, ridge arches from lightweight GFRC. Bar Rustic, Kingston, MA.


FORMA Beyond inspires architects and designers to go beyond their visions. To ask, what if, their craziest ideas can actually be made into reality? Our artists can create custom surfaces with virtually any look, texture, color or patina. We also make absolutely believable commercial replications that border on duplication and not only look and feel like their real counterparts, but vastly outperform them as well. Our hand-crafted products are made to meet the intents of the architects and designers at the budgets of the builders and owners.


FORMA Beyond can supply complete concepts, designs and samples. We work in a wide variety of composite materials to best suit the unique requirements of each project. Once approved, we manufacture the looks using our 5-axis CNC capabilities, expert mold-making technologies and coloring artistry. And we install everything we make.

The FORMA Beyond process is efficient and helps clarify architectural projects. It provides the architect and designer with the exact aesthetic they desire, removes the installation burden from the builder and produces low cost and beautiful installations.

FORMA Beyond creates it products from Class A fire-retardant MDF, Epoxy Cold Cast™, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) or Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) depending on the physical and technical requirements of each application.

FORMA Beyond SURF™ replicates the dynamics and unique refractive coloration properties of real waves in hand-sculpted, strong and durable GFRG.

Hand sculpted from GFRG, this gypsum "Egg Desk" will serve as the command station in the new Fenway Tower 2 reception lobby. Desk includes complete inner wooden casework all manufactured by FORMA Beyond.

Hand sculpted GFRG disks bring the look and feel of outer space into The Andi South Bay Boston community room. (Photo courtesy Cory Gans)

FORMA Beyond GFRC C-Channels grace the new Celtics and Bruins ProShop in the historic TD Garden, Boston, MA. Authentically replicated with Cold Cast™ nuts and washers, the GFRC C-channels have the surface texture of real steel, are 4-times lighter - allowing for simple installation - and will not rust.

Custom GFRG ceiling cornice lights-up the residents' lobby at One Dalton St Boston.

To achieve the Kintsugi look (golden joinery), we custom molded, textured and colored a special blend of GFRC to closely replicate black granite with a continuous labyrinth of bronze-filled cracks. Shown in Dark Gray with Bronze. Alloy Condominium, Assembly Row, Somerville, MA.

FORMA Beyond Wavy™ (32x32”) gypsum panels in White create a seamless theme wall.

Upper bar surround in GFRC, hand painted ceiling tins in Cold Cast™. Margaritas, Northboro, MA

Custom wall panels created from Class A Engineered Wood Fiber combined with heavy-flaked steel angle bracket replications created with  Epoxy Cold Cast™ complete with bolts and washers. Berkshire Bank, Middleton, MA.

Custom Stadium™ wall and returns in GFRG, The Row at Assembly Row, Somerville, MA.

Custom designed wine rack in Rustic Limestone textured GFRC with titanium bottle holders.

Custom GFRC privacy walls with integral planters. Harvard Street Condo renovation, Cambridge, MA

Epoxy Cold Cast™ pocket doors in Heavy Flake with Silver.

15" C-channels replications made from Class A Engineered Wood Fiber, complete with rivets installed at Fuel America coffee shop, Worcester, MA.

Authentic heavy flake steel risers and stringers with a touch of golden-bronze in light weight Epoxy Cold Cast™. The Row at Assembly Row, Somerville, MA

GFRC countertop at Top Golf, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, Connecticut.

18" GFRC C-channels (12 pounds per foot; 3.5 times lighter than steel) used on Capital One storefront canopy, The Street at Chestnut Hill, MA.

Traditional ODOT Green steel bridge sections replicated in Class A fire retardant Engineered Wood Fibers, complete with rivets and years of hard earned rust.

Authentic cold rolled and welded 30' steel trusses, replicated in Cold Cast™, complete with lite flake texture, gussets and rivets. Photo courtesy: Rival House, Grand Casino, Hinckley MN.

Custom GFRC components manufactured and installed by FORMA Beyond at the Tiffany Pavilion.

FORMA Beyond designed and manufactured the precast pilasters and lintels complete with an Egg-and-Dart motif.

The art of custom GFRC rakes, lintels, cornices, pilasters and capitals manufactured and installed at the Cape Cod Mall, Hyannis, MA.

Heavy Flake in Bronze steel barrel vaulted ceiling panels replicated in feather light Epoxy Cold Cast™ bring an authentic old-world industrial might to the modern Hartford, CT company.

FORMA Beyond created this custom lobby sign for Bixby International combining replicated wood beams from Class A fire retardant Engineered Wood Fiber with their vibrant logo, machined from real wood, and coarse wound aluminum screening.


Download Brochure
Download Brochure

Applications, Features, Benefits

  •  Custom, commissioned artwork
  •  Custom replications of natural materials
  •  Accurately replicate any character, color, surface texture or patina
  •  Used in walls, floors, ceilings, beams, decorative structures, sets, veneers
  •  Epoxy Cold Cast is flexible, able to bend to contoured surfaces
  •  Highly durable for use in high traffic commercial applications
  •  Most surfaces and looks available in Class A fire retardant Engineered Wood Fiber, Epoxy Cold Cast, GFRC, GFRG and UHPC
  • Can be easily repaired on site